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Discapnet Awards

Pushed forward by the success of previous editions of the "Discapnet Awards for Accessible Technologies", the ONCE Foundation presents its 5th edition, which is characterised by its international dimension.

The objective of these awards is to recognize the contribution of people and entities to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities through accessible technologies. In particular, it will be awarded:

  • Category A. Award for the service or product based on technology to improve the quality of life of the persons with disabilities. It will be an indispensable requirement to be eligible for the award that these products and services are available on the market.
  • Category B. Award for the person, company and organization with outstanding trajectory in improving accessibility of technology.
  • Category C. Award for entrepreneurial project with social impact on improving the quality of life of the persons with disabilities through the technology.

Are you one of the people or entities that through accessible technologies contributes to improve the quality of life of people with disabilities? Do you have a project or do you know any person or organization that contributes to this goal? By using the different options in the navigation menu of the site you can find the rules of the V Edition of the Discapnet Awards, register and apply until 15 of March 2019.

Good luck!