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Entities awarded in previous editions

4th Edition: Award ceremony held in 2017

  • "Downtown Aventura en el metro", of the Francisco de Vitoria University (CEIEC), for its serious Game aimed at facilitating the integration of people with intellectual disabilities in urban transport.
  • "Samsung Electronics Iberia", for integrating Accessibility into a growing volume of its devices, as well as training people with disabilities in its use and offering cheaper technology to this group.
  • "APP & TOWN COMPAGNON", of Mass Factory, for its end-to-end assisted transport system, for people with disabilities, seniors, minors and other groups, which allows travel by public transport through a mobile application and continuous monitoring of users.

3th Edition: Award ceremony held in 2015

  • "@ STIC Aspaym", of the National Federation ASPAYM, for having a tool that facilitates the access of people with disabilities, seniors and other groups to online procedures.
  • "Project of home automation applied to people with disabilities", of the CAM Hermanas Hospitalarias del Sagrado Corazón de Jesús, for installing technologies in an assistance center with the purpose of automating some processes that improve the follow-up and the safety of the patients.
  • "Asociación Española de Normalización y Certificación" (AENOR), for being the entity responsible for the development and dissemination of technical standards in Spain.
  • "Vodafone", for having accessible communication channels (website), offering useful services for people with disabilities and for promoting technological accessibility through its foundation.

2th Edition: Award ceremony held in 2013

  • "The train on your mobile", of Patentes Talgo, for offering at the prototype level a set of applications (compatible with any web browser) that allow travellers to consult information related to their trip and access a set of accessible and personalized services.
  • "Cristina Rodríguez-Porrero Miret", for being a person whose involvement with disability is widely recognized by people and organizations working in the field of ICT accessibility.
  • "Infoaccesibility actions for the promotion of the educational inclusion of people with disabilities", presented by the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), for promoting technological accessibility in the educational environment.

1th Edition: Award ceremony held in 2011

  • "Medicament Accesible", an application developed by the Vodafone Foundation, to enhance the accessibility of medicines, allowing them to be identified from mobile devices and to read the leaflets.
  • "La Caixa", for having a significant volume of accessible branches and for integrating accessibility features into its ATM network: screen reader, high contrast, sign language, etc.
  • "Colegio As Covas", for carrying out computer adaptations and self-learning processes for teachers, which began after the incorporation into the centre of a pupil with special educational needs, and which constitutes an example of creativity.
  • "Renfe Operadora-Adif", for its high commitment to improving accessibility in rail transport.
  • "Repsol YPF y su Fundación", for its work in favor of the integration of people with disabilities.