The ONCE Foundation for Cooperation and Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities, due to their desire to meet the needs of information concerning persons with disabilities, set up and has maintained since 2000, the site Discapnet. This portal has consolidated as the reference website on disability issues not only in Spain, but also throughout the Spanish-speaking world.

Discapnet provides easy and quick access to relevant information for people with disabilities and their surroundings, encouraging their active participation in the information society. The portal also incorporates content and services targeted at the elderly, people in a situation of dependence and other related groups.

On the Discapnet website can be found, specialised contents in different thematic areas, such as, news, accessibility, health, technology, rights, environment, education, culture, leisure time, always selected and designed based on the necessities and interests of people with disabilities, their families and the caregivers.

Through the use of specialised tools, such as, forum and the presence in several social networks, Discapnet promotes the active participation of Web users and their interrelation with other persons and social entities, building a true global community of disability throughout the Spanish-speaking world.