Submission of candidacies

The candidacies to the Discapnet Award may be submitted by any person, company, organizations, entity or institutions that, shares the objective of the Discapnet award. It is not a requirement that the proposing legal or natural person coincides with the candidate's personality or ownership.

The application must be formalised, firstly, by filling in the standard application forms that the ONCE Foundation makes available to proposers, and, secondly, by sending them to the ONCE Foundation, through the channels and procedures set up for this purpose, before the date established in the Calendar.

These forms may be accompanied, optionally, by the additional documentation that the proposer wishes to provide to endorse its candidacy: reasoned and justified document, reports, graphic or audiovisual information....

The candidacies will be presented, preferably, by telematics means, through the online completion of the application form of the category to which you wish to compete, whose registration and access links can be found below.

Those interested in proposing a candidacy must have been registered previously in the system, providing name, surname, e-mail and contact telephone number and, if applicable, the entity they represent. In this way they will obtain a unique identifier and a password that will allow them to fill in the forms, saving the necessary changes and modifications, as many times as they need.

The proposers can notify us any incident or resolve any doubt on the process of presentation of candidacies, through the e-mail address