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1. Introduction

The ONCE Foundation for Cooperation and Social Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities (hereinafter FONCE Foundation) announce the 5th edition of “the Discapnet Awards for Accessible Technologies”.

The aim of the Discapnet Awards for Accessible Technologie is to recognise the best initiatives and actions in the field of Technologies applied to improving the quality of life of people with disabilities, as well as companies, entities or organisations that have developed a continuous work in the field of technological accessibility.

2. Categories

The award categories in this 5th Edition are:

Category A. Award for the service or product based on technology to improve the quality of life of the persons with disabilities. It will be an indispensable requirement to be eligible for the award that these products and services are available on the market.

Category B. Award for the person, company and organization with outstanding trajectory in improving accessibility of technology.

Category C. Award for entrepreneurial project with social impact on improving the quality of life of the persons with disabilities through the technology.

Only one absolute prize will be awarded for each category (A, B and C), regardless of its functional scope.

3. Evaluation criteria

For the awarding of Category A, the jury will take into account the following general evaluation criteria:

  • a. The accessibility of the technologies and solutions used.
  • b. The innovative character and global quality of the results obtained.
  • c. The possibilities of application to multiple environments, target groups and geographical areas.

For the awarding of Category B, the jury will take into account the following general evaluation criteria:

  • a. The extension, continuity and coherence of the actions carry out.
  • b. The innovative character and global quality of the results obtained.
  • c. The contribution of the technical and methodological development of accessibility to technology.

For the awarding of Category C, the jury will take into account the following general evaluation criteria:

  • a. The quality of the prototype.
  • b. The scope of the solution.
  • c. Valuation of the business model.

4. Jury and award decision

A single competent jury will be constituted for the resolution and decision regarding Categories A, B and C of these awards. The jury will be selected and appointed by the ONCE Foundation and will be composed of a minimum of seven members, including its President. The members may be persons who belong to the ONCE Social Group, CERMI, the Government of Spain, as well as professionals of recognized prestige and trajectory in the fields of Technologies and social responsibility, both nationally and internationally.

The jury will be assisted by a Technical Commission made up of experts in ICT accessibility who will carry out a prior assessment of the applications submitted in accordance with the general assessment criteria of the projects submitted in each category.

Each member of the jury shall be entitled to speak and vote. The decision of the jury shall be taken by a majority of the votes of its members. In the event of a tie, the President shall have the casting vote.

The Jury, whose decision will be unappealable, will interpret and complete the rules of this award, filling their lacunas and resolving any doubts that may arise.

5. Candidacies

All persons, companies, organisations, entities and institutions that share the objectives of these awards may submit candidacies for the Discapnet Awards for Accessible Technologies. It is not a requirement that the proposing legal or natural person coincides with the candidate's personality or ownership.

Due to the international character of the Discapnet Awards for Accessible Technologies, may be submitted in both Spanish or English. Without limiting the foregoing, Due to the international nature of the Discapnet Awards for Accessible Technologies, the documentation of the candidacy may be in both Spanish and English. Notwithstanding the foregoing, a summary of the candidacy must be presented in both languages.

The application must be formalised, firstly, by filling in the standard application forms that the ONCE Foundation makes available to proposers, and, secondly, by sending them to the ONCE Foundation, through the channels and procedures set up for this purpose, before 15 March 2019. These forms may be accompanied, optionally, by the additional documentation that the proposer wishes to provide to endorse its candidacy: reasoned and justified document, reports, graphic or audiovisual information...

The candidacies will be presented, preferably, by telematics means, through the online completion of the application form of the category to which you wish to compete, whose registration and access link can be found at the following address:

Online completion will require the electronic signature of the proposer, who will be responsible for the veracity of the data provided. The authentication and signature procedures required for the electronic submission of candidacies will be in accordance with the provisions of Law 59/2003, of 18 December, on Electronic Signatures, so that the identity of the proposer and the integrity of the signed content can be accredited.

Exceptionally, if the person or entity submitting the application encounters insurmountable difficulties in formalising the application by means of the electronic procedures described above, the application may be formalised by physically sending the standardised, completed and printed forms, accompanied by the documentation accrediting the personality of the proposer and the documentation that it wishes to accompany, to the headquarters of the ONCE Foundation (Calle Sebastián Herrera, 15, 28012, Madrid), indicating the reference "Discapnet Awards for Accessible Technologies", as well as the category (A, B or C).

The organization of the awards will review the candidacies submitted and the documentation that accompanies them, in order to verify compliance with the requirements defined in these rules. In case of the observation of any deficiency, the proposer will be notified and required to correct it. If the period specified in the request has elapsed without any response from the proposer or his response does not sufficiently correct the deficiencies observed, the organisation of the awards will understand that the candidacy proposal has been withdrawn, being dismissed without the need for an assessment by the jury.

Where necessary for is assessment, the jury, after analysing the content of the application form, may request the candidates to provide further information.

The members of the Jury, as well as the entities they represent, may propose candidacies on their own initiative for any of the award categories (A, B and C), filling in and sending the necessary forms.

6. Awards

The award in categories A and B will consist of 5000 euros for each of the categories.

The amount of the award in category C will be 20000 euros, which must be entirely allocated by the winner to the development of the award-winning project. To this end, the winning entity must submit to Foundation ONCE, within a maximum period of 12 months of receiving payment, a financial and social report of the project in which It must be justified that the full amount of the prize awarded has been effectively allocated to the development of the proposed line of business. If the aforementioned report is not presented, Foundation ONCE may claim the return of the award.

Furthermore, each person or company award-winner will receive an original work, authored by a prestigious artist with disability, designated by ONCE Foundation.

The awards ceremony may be held in a public or private ceremony, depend on the choice of the Foundation ONCE.

If the jury determines that the candidacies do not sufficiently meet the evaluation criteria, the Foundation ONCE reserves the right to declare the awards for one or more of its categories void.

7. Acceptance of the rules

In accordance with the provisions of Articles 12 and following of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 (GDPR), the participants are informed and manifest, when they submit their application, their express and unequivocal consent to be included in a file, owned by the ONCE Foundation for cooperation and social inclusion of people with disabilities (ONCE Foundation), of the personal data they provide and the data processing for the purpose of managing their candidacy throughout the process of evaluating and awarding and, in the case of being awarded, their publication, including their image, on the ONCE Foundation and Discapnet websites, as well as in the Foundation's publications. It also authorises the ONCE Foundation to send information on future calls related to the aforementioned awards.

All the fields marked with an asterisk in the candidacy application form are obligatory in order to allow the processing of data for the purpose mentioned above; in case the form does not contain all the personal data that are required may not be processed for that purpose.

The candidates must guarantee the accuracy and veracity of the personal data provided, undertaking to keep them duly updated and to inform the ONCE Foundation of any variation that may occur in these data.

The ONCE Foundation is the responsible for processing the personal data linked to the management of the Discapnet Awards, and for this purpose has named a Data Protection Delegate (DPD). The contact e-mail address is:

The legal basis or legitimization for the processing of personal data, for the stated purpose are: the data subject has given consent to the processing of his or her personal data for the aforementioned purpose (article 6.1.a) GDPR).

The personal data provided will be blocked when the personal data are no longer necessary in relation to the purposes for which they were collected, remaining at the exclusive disposal of Judges and Courts, the Public Prosecutor's Office or the competent Public Authorities, and in particular the data protection authorities, for the attention of the possible responsibilities arising from the processing, during the prescription period of these. Once this period has elapsed, the data controller will proceed to erase the data.

Under no circumstances the data provided will be transferred to third countries.

At any time, candidates are entitled to exercise their rights of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, limitation, portability, revocation of the consent given, and not to be the object of a decision based solely on automated processing of data. These rights may be exercised by sending a written communication to Calle Sebastián Herrera nº15, 28012, Madrid or an e-mail with acknowledgement of receipt and reading to In any case, any candidate has the right to submit a complaint with the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

In the event that a candidacy proposed by a natural or legal person different from its owner, is nominated as a finalist or obtains any of the awards specified in these rules, the organization of the awards will seek the candidate's express acceptance of the aspects included in the previous paragraphs. If the consent is not obtained, the award will be considered refused and the jury may propose a new candidate in its place.